Our story began with a desire to re-alive-ify ourselves – now we’re on a mission to nourish and revitalize others. We enliven our bodies, spirits and minds. We find nourishment from nature.

Necessity is the Mama of Invention
In 2011 our founder, Mel was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. After extensively researching natural ways to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system, Mel began mixing natural ingredients into delicious and activated elixirs with the power to heal. Necessity was the mama of invention.


Extract the Potential
It all began with a divine connection to turmeric. Backed by science, turmeric contains the active compound curcumin that’s scientifically proven to act effectively as both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory 2

That connection rooted our mission to activate and share the healing powers of nature’s ingredients to make these elixirs fully absorbable and to extract the potential contained within for the benefit of your health and well-being

More Super Than a Supplement 
Simply swallowing a capsule won’t do the trick. To get the full range of curcumin’s benefits, we activate our turmeric-based products with ingredients like black pepper, lemon and coconut oil. This process takes your absorption up to 2000%1, allowing you to easily receive the immune-boosting, energizing, health benefits your body wants and needs.