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Cranberry Turmeric Elixir

Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time.
Get Cranberry Merry

These elixirs pay homage to Canadian farmers working hard to bring us fresh healthy food.  Sweet strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or cranberries rich in antioxidants, plant compounds, vitamins and minerals, all blended with our original turmeric elixir results in an addictive blend of familiar and exotic flavours.  Knock ‘em back as a one-ounce health shot, serve as dessert to cleanse and aid digestion, or add to your favourite beverage or cocktail.  However you do it, the immune boosting, anti-inflammatory benefits are maintained and these concentrates will wrap your whole body in a warm blanket from the inside. 

  • How to enjoy:
    Shoot it, sip it, mix it. 1 oz a day is all you need.
  • Superstar ingredients:
    Turmeric, ginger, white pepper, coconut oil, cranberry.
  • Benefits:
    Anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting.
  • Size:
    500 mL (16 Servings)

    Marvellous, amazing, sensational and terrific are just a few of the ways we’d describe the superstar ingredient our brand was built on. Backed by science, turmeric contains an active compound called curcumin, that has antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory properties. Ta-da!

    Simply swallowing a capsule won’t do the trick. To get the full range of curcumin’s benefits, we activate our turmeric-based products with ingredients like black pepper, lemon and coconut oil. This process takes your absorption up to 2000%1, allowing you to easily receive the immune-boosting, energizing, health benefits your body wants and needs.

    In 2011 our Founder Mel was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. After extensive research on natural ways to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system, Mel began mixing natural ingredients into delicious and activated elixirs with the power to heal.  Necessity was the mama of invention.

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