Mama Caesar

Oh Mama Sita…this one has me hooked!

If you are a lover of savoury cocktails and spice, this one will make you happy.

We thought about making our own tomato juice for this but then, these recipes are supposed to be fast and easy ideas for enjoying our elixirs. So, we went out and bought Walter Vegan Caesar Mix. It’s one of many options.

Choose a nice hot sauce as it is an important ingredient in a good Caesar! You want complimentary flavours and spice. We chose Salt Spring Kitchen Co’s new hot sauce not only because their factory is right beside ours, it is also one of the very best I have ever had! We eat it by the spoonful sometimes..

The salt is important too. Use a high quality, pure sea salt. Real sea salt actually reduces inflammation by bringing minerals into the body that boosts its immunity. And hey, we’re all about immune boosting so that’s reason enough right there!

We use Salt Spring Sea Salt because it is pretty much awesome and the owner of the company is so geeky about salt and only makes the best! He is across the street too so that is convenient!

Anyway, on to drink making!

  • Throw your glass in the freezer and get it good and cold.
  • Prepare your garnish (and by prepare garnish I mean wash a stick of celery!)
  • Mix some sea salt and chilli powder in a plate.
  • Rim your glass with a lime wedge and then roll in your chilli sea salt.
  • Fill with ice
  • Add 1.5oz Turmeric Elixir
  • Add a good tablespoon or 2 of fresh lemon juice.
  • Fill to 3/4 full with Caesar Mix
  • Add a generous dose of hot sauce
  • Top with a little bubbly water
  • Gently Stir
  • Garnish
  • Sprinkle with a little extra hot sauce, sea salt and pepper and squeeze some lime juice on top

Take a photo and post to Instagram because you are proud of your creation! Tag us so we can see it and maybe we will share it!